A little bit about me

about Margit

Hi, I’m Margit. In 1995 I graduated from Art teacher’s academy in Amsterdam.


Four years ago I started painting intuitively as a stress release and developed my Epic Tales Art style.


In my work, I like to combine my love for colour, texture and science. This website shows you different parts of paintings I made and photographed. Every painting is one-of-a-kind and has its own story to be experienced. I hope my Unicorn Slices inspire you!

what they say

How do I get my ideas


Colours are constantly inspiring me, especially when I layer them. Transparent or opaque, the combination of all of them creates mesmirizing results. Lots of time it doesn’t but when it works out I’m such a happy girl!

Combinating colours with the Dutch tulip fields in mind, clouds in the sky, water flowing on the beach, beautiful fish swimming through enticing reefs, sun sparkling and reflecting rainbows, all kinds of jewels, butterflies and bugs, tropical birds and flowers, lovely luster of trees and last but not least everything imaginary.
Fairytales also give clues to my imaginary world like 1001 Nights, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland create such colourful scenes so I can let my imagination flow.
My dreams of traveling through countries with vast deserts, beautiful landscapes, tropical rainforests, traditional folkloric costumes and architecture also help me to create my dreamscapes.