The work of Epictalesart has different angles, but always shows structure which invites the observers to become a part of the work by using their imagination to understand/feel what the work is.

A landscape? A flower? A butterfly? Everything is possible.

And that possibility also give me -as the artist- the way to incorporate myself into my art, my imperfections can be seen, they make me different from all others. With that I put my trust in the observers and let them know it’s ok to be imperfect themselves. It’s ok to fail, as long as you learn from your failures and never give up trying things again and differently until you master it. Then share the story about your epic failures which has become an Epic Tale…








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Okay, no-one has seen a Unicorn, nor it's wings. B

Is it a fish? Is it a dragon? The colours of it's

This series remind me of how shallow water breaks

The translucence of Butterfly wings are the inspir

what they say